The Best Home Business Opportunity Today

They say: By far the best home business opportunity today!

I have come across a lot of opportunities in my career as an Internet marketer. I have been in this business for over 3 years now and have tried several things to make some decent money online.

If I look around in the home business niche, you see a lot of people starting on a daily basis. Did you know that every 30-second someone starts a home based business? The question is how many of these persons actually make it to the point that they can call them successful.

Empower Network Review

After a lot of research, falling down and getting up, I have joined a business opportunity called the Empower Network. It is a software company that provides you a blogging platform to be online fast and also provides you the right training. Not just training, but high value Internet Marketing Training and Personal Development Training. You should check out a full empower network review to see if this is something for you or not.

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One of the reasons that things go well with the Empower Network members is the existence of the compensation plan. The rewards are insane and you do not need a whole army of people to start making some decent money. The Empower Network Compensation plan is simple to understand and most important, simple to explain to others too. When you recruit people for your business, it is extremely important that they know what they earn, how and when.

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

The Empower Network Compensation Plan has a simple down line structure with two membership levels involved. The first is the basic $25 / month membership and the second is the $100 / month inner circle membership.
Next to these monthly memberships, you have training products available to you wherein you can invest to train yourself to become a professional Internet marketer. These products average between $500 and $3500 one-time investments.

empower network compensation plan

Here’s the great thing about the Empower Network.  You get 100% commissions for every membership or product sold. At least this is how the compensation plan is based on. There is this power line and pass up system in place to let you earn even more. The Power line system means that you get the commission for the membership level or product that you have invested in yourself. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are a basic member of $25 / month. You recruit people in your team or down line. The people under you invest in both the basic and inner circle ($100/month) membership. With this power line system, this means that the $100 commission goes up in the system to the person above you who did invest in this membership.

The Pass up system means that every 2nd, 4th, 6th and after that every 5th sales goes up to your sponsor as a thank you. This is a marvelous system created by David Wood, the co founder of the Empower Network, to motivate and keep everyone motivated to sell and /or go all in with the investments. Going all in to not miss out on any commission coming your way and passed up because you don’t own those products yourself.

david wood

The blogging system itself is very advanced and easy to operate and allows you to create a blog network from one account. All for $25 / month. That is a bargain.
If you would have to set this up yourself, you would be spending thousands of dollars initial costs and after that hundreds of dollars a month to have such network.

So check out this system now, get in and get busy!